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Being Fat Is Tiring

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Life .  Death.  Love.  Trust.  Truth.  They are all scary.  What is scaring me right now, is my job.  I recently got a job promotion, and I have to tell people older than me what to do (or sometimes what not to do).  It does not help that I just do not enjoy any type of conflict either.  *WUSS*

But here I am my lovelies... I know it has been over a week, or two... I have just been so busy.  The good thing?  I've lost a total of seven pounds in a week. I am so close to my first mini-goal.  However, I usually end up self-sabotaging myself.  So, stay strong my thin sister, for I will stay strong beside you.



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Anonymous said...

Yay 7lbs! That's awesome ^_^ Hope you don't sabotage yourself <3