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Being Fat Is Tiring

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Life .  Death.  Love.  Trust.  Truth.  They are all scary.  What is scaring me right now, is my job.  I recently got a job promotion, and I have to tell people older than me what to do (or sometimes what not to do).  It does not help that I just do not enjoy any type of conflict either.  *WUSS*

But here I am my lovelies... I know it has been over a week, or two... I have just been so busy.  The good thing?  I've lost a total of seven pounds in a week. I am so close to my first mini-goal.  However, I usually end up self-sabotaging myself.  So, stay strong my thin sister, for I will stay strong beside you.



Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Pinch. Grab. Poke.
Ripple, goes the FUGLY FAT.

It has become terribly apparent to me how much I rely on taking my Welbutrin and Adderall, consistently, to curb my appetite.  If I miss a dose... nothing seems to quell the hunger I feel.  It's terrible, and it feels as if the food is just laughing at me.  Laughing at all the fat it is putting on my bones, covering them, strangling them of all the oxygen they need to poke through my skin.

I hope the rest of you are staying strong, as I have wavered today in the face of the lying, deceitful foods that promise happiness and peace.  All I am left with is heavy limbs and jiggling fat.  J-E-L-L-O!  Who wants some jiggling, liquid-y fat?  Sounds less tempting now, huh?  Just remember that each and every time you want to take a bite out of something that is not your friend, NOT Ana.  You'll thank me, and Ana will love you.

On a happier note.... last night, I had the most wonderful dream.  I dreamt of the most perfect guy... one who accepted me for everything that I am.  He was absolutely fabulous... my ideal man.  I was all too sad to wake up without him... maybe, he will materialize for me one day, or perhaps I will just have to wait another night to meet him again.  *Sigh*

Much xxxx


Sunday, July 11, 2010


Some how I believe that I take more enjoyment in trying to figure out my blog settings than actually writing in it.  I suppose it is just because I am a private person.  Private person or not, I will try to update on a semi-regular basis... perhaps at least one post a week?  We'll see how that goes.

I have been put on Wellbutrin, and am still taking Adderall.  If I stay consistent with it, yes, they do have a very effective side effect of killing any appetite one may have.  Ugh, it really is just finding the energy... finding the motivation.  It's hard some days.